Water Quality Testing – Microbiology

Water quality testing is important for new drinking water wells in addition to periodic evaluation of existing wells. Water quality testing is … [Read more...]

Bacteria Analysis of Digester Sludge

Microbial Composition Of Sludge A large amount of Solid/Water and Biosolid Waste is generated all around the world as a result of various … [Read more...]

Pharmaceutical Bacteria Testing

Pharmaceutical microbial contamination Pharmaceutical and Personal Care products are subject to microbial contamination. Some of the … [Read more...]

Food Poisoning Bacteria

Food poisoning bacteria are everywhere–– in the soil, on animals, on people and on the things people touch and use.  Some of the food poisoning … [Read more...]

Environmental Bacteria Testing

Environmental bacteria can be from a wide variety of sources. Environmental bacteria are the primary cause of udder infections in most dairy herds.  … [Read more...]

Cosmetics Testing For Bacteria Contamination

Total Aerobic Bacteria Cosmetics and personal care products should be free of microorganisms and safe for consumer use. The detection and elimination … [Read more...]